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Wonderful news! I have always wanted to play around with stuff that require a real server (I’m gonna write an online Indavideo downloader service for example) so I finally bought a VPS at DigitalOcean. I ordered the smallest droplet – 512MB of RAM, 20GB SSD for $5 / month.

I have already transferred the main site ( – the URL shortener and my short introduction) to the VPS, which has the following config:

There are two changes: there is now a lightweight mobile site alive (try it at – you’ll get redirected automatically if you use a mobile browser), and I’ve enabled https (using StartSSL Free) – finally!

There are still a few changes coming up – I have to move the blog to the VPS as well, but first I’ll write a service that will help download videos from Indavideo (I need it for myself, my Lumia 735 can’t play Indavideo on full screen, but can do so with regular HTML5 videos).




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