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Calculating the damage of different Ezreal builds


Ezreal has always been a very versatile champion with many playstyles and even more ways of building him. Even since his release, there were people who bought AD, AP or even the combination of both for him – not mentioning Saintvicious’ famous jungle Ezreal. Of course, different items mean different gold value and different damage. In this short summary, I only focus on the AD-carry builds.

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Brain-fucking problems

The fact that my brainfuck interpreter is a bit buggy, is not new. After running a few tests it also came out that it’s slow as hell. Whatever, it works, but it needs some improvements:

  • Some test codes output the values of the memory cells directly instead of converting them to characters. It’s going to be optional in nbrainfuck.
  • It needs a lot of optimization to reach an acceptable speed. It’s not going to be easy at all.

Oh, and I need to start the compiler-project finally, i’m really looking forward to it.


P.S.: I’ll need to change the name of Brainfuck Developer, it already exists: